Name June Collectors Cabinet Auction Northbridge
Auctioneer Lugosi Auctioneers
Type Internet Absentee Bidding
Date(s) 6/7/2015
Location PO Box 686, Neutral Bay NSW, 2089 Sydney Australia
Buyer Premium 18.7% (including GST)
The Collectors Cabinet Auction 135 Sailors Bay Rd, Northbridge View Saturday 6th June12 -4pm Sunday 7th June10am - 11.45am More Lots tomorrow!
Buyer Registration: All intending buyers must complete and sign a buyer’s registration form providing Lugosi Auctioneers with name, address, telephone numbers and if required proof of identity i.e. Drivers Licence. Internet bidders may be asked to provide credit card details before being allowed to bid. There is a 18.7% Buyer’s Premium (inclusive of GST) on the hammer price of all lots. There is a surcharge of 1.5% on payment by Visa & Mastercard credit cards. There is no charge for Eftpos. We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard and Bank Deposit into our nominated Trust Account. Personal cheques are accepted only by prior approval of Lugosi Auctioneers. Artfact live bidding incurs a 3% surcharge. Admission: LugosiAuctioneers reserve the right to refuse any person or persons admission to, or to eject any person or persons from the auction site. All items must be paid for and removed within 24 hours of auction day. All absentee bidders should contact Lugosi Auctioneers so see if their bids were successful. Bidding: The Auctioneer reserves the right to regulate the bidding and also to refuse any bid. Any bid accepted and relied upon by the auctioneer cannot be subsequently withdrawn by the bidder. Disputes: In the event of a dispute the Auctioneer has the final say on whether to reopen the bidding this applies even after the hammer has fallen. Consignment Forms: No lot will be accepted unless entered on an appropriate Consignment Form and signed by vendor(s). This signed form will form a binding contract between the vendor and Lugosi Auctioneers. Vendors Commission Payable on Sale: Commission of 15% + GST is payable by the Vendor of all lots sold, unless otherwise agreed in advance. There is a Nil lotting fee. Lugosi Auctioneers do not charge for photographs, advertising or internet live bidding. GST: A Vendor who sends for sale by auction any chattel(s) which is an asset of his business must disclose to the Lugosi Auctioneers whether or not he is a registered person for GST purposes and, if so, his registered number and whether or not he intends to operate the special scheme covering the works of art, etc. This information must be supplied to Lugosi Auctioneers on or prior to delivery of the goods. Storage Charges: Lugosi Auctioneers exempt themselves from any liability for goods left on our premises after the Vendor has been informed that they are unsold. We also reserve the right to make a charge for warehousing of $10.00 per lot per day from the first Monday following the sale (unless we have agreed to re-enter the items in another auction). If then the goods are not removed within 14 days of the sale, we reserve the right to sell them WITHOUT RESERVE and pay ourselves the outstanding charges before submitting the net proceeds to the seller. Reserves: The Auctioneers will not agree to reserve prices on goods to the value of $100.00 or less and other reserves must be agreed mutually between Lugosi Auctioneers and the Vendor. This Condition Will Be Strictly Enforced. All goods are offered for sale WITHOUT RESERVE unless specific written instructions to the contrary are received. All reserves are subject to 10% discretion unless confirmed in writing as ‘FIRM’. The Vendor will not in person or through the agency of any other except the auctioneer bid for his own property. Sale by Private Treaty: In the event of a lot remaining unsold at auction Lugosi Auctioneers are hereby empowered by the Vendor to sell after the auction, by private treaty, at not less than the reserve price or with 20% discretion. In the event of such a sale by private treaty the Conditions of Sale applicable to a Vendor governing the auction will apply. Description: Lugosi Auctioneers have the sole right as to the description of any article offered for sale and to its grouping with any other belonging to the Vendor. Any representation, statement or opinion made by Lugosi Auctioneers either orally by any of their employees or printed in any catalogue, valuation, advertisement, brochure or list concerning authorship, attribution, genuineness, origin, date, provenance, condition or value is a statement of opinion only and is not to be taken as being or implying any warranty or representation of fact by Lugosi Auctioneers. Buyers must satisfy themselves before bidding as once the lot is knocked down this forms a binding contract of sale. Withdrawal of Lots: The Vendor is entitled to withdraw any lot up to the point of sale. However, in the event of a Vendor seeking to withdraw a lot or alter the agreed reserves, commission rates and other terms of sale after the catalogue has been produced or the sale advertised, Lugosi Auctioneers will charge a withdrawal fee of 10% of the high estimate on any lot (s) in addition to any other charges that may be applicable. Authority to Deduct Commission and Expenses: The Vendor authorises Lugosi Auctioneers to deduct commission and proper expenses plus any GST thereon from the hammer price and acknowledges the right of Lugosi Auctioneers to retain the premium payable by the buyer. Payment of Sale Proceeds: Lugosi Auctioneers will remit the sale proceeds to the Vendor after deducting commission, removal charges (if applicable) and other proper expenses and GST within ten days after the sale provided Lugosi Auctioneers has been paid in full by the Buyer. In the event that the Buyer has not paid in full Lugosi Auctioneers will remit the net proceeds to the Vendor five working days after such payment has been cleared by our bank. If payment has not been received by the Buyer twenty one days following the sale Lugosi Auctioneers will endeavour to take the Vendors instructions notwithstanding the Vendor authorises Lugosi Auctioneers to take such steps as Lugosi Auctioneers think necessary to attempt to recover monies due from the seller on the buyers behalf. The Vendor hereby affirms that it shall not be incumbent upon Lugosi Auctioneers to pursue the buyers in the matter of amounts due provided always that Lugosi Auctioneers has retained possession of the lot or lots. Photography and Illustrations: The Vendor authorises Lugosi Auctioneers to photograph and illustrate in its catalogue or promotional literature or advertisements any lot consigned for sale and acknowledges Lugosi Auctioneers copy-right to such illustration, which may be used at any time whether or not in connection with the particular auction. Third Party Liability: Any person attending an auction conducted by Lugosi Auctioneers or visiting the premises of the auctioneers affirms that he is there at his own risk and shall have no claim against Lugosi Auctioneers in respect of any accident, injury, loss or damage incurred before, during or after the sale. Copyright © 2015 · Lugosi Auctions · All Rights Reserved ABN 58 995 607
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 50.00 2.00 AUD
50.01 - 100.00 5.00 AUD
100.01 - 300.00 10.00 AUD
300.01 - 500.00 15.00 AUD
500.01 - 1,000.00 25.00 AUD
1,000.01 - 2,500.00 50.00 AUD
2,500.01 - 5,000.00 125.00 AUD
5,000.01 - 10,000.00 250.00 AUD
10,000.01 - 20,000.00 500.00 AUD
20,000.01 - 50,000.00 1,000.00 AUD
50,000.01 - 100,000.00 2,500.00 AUD
100,000.01 - 9,999,999.99 10,000.00 AUD
Currency AUD
Buyer Premium 18.7% (including GST)